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The Warning Signs of Falling Out of Love

Love is indeed a powerful emotion. It has been said that love can make a person do things he would not normally do. Love is what every single person wants and needs. But love is not without its flaws. Too much love or little can be very dangerous to a relationship. Too much love can turn you blind from reality, and too little will hinder your relationships growth. Sometimes, people fall out of love and don’t feel and react the same way to a person over the course of time.


There are warning signs that you should look for so you can remedy the situation immediately. However, one must know as well when to leave.


When a person is falling out of love, he may spend little time communicating with the other person. The person who was once at the front of his mind is no longer the priority. Thus, phone calls are sometimes not made even for special occasions and emails get less and less frequent. Communication is indeed very important in a relationship and having too little of this can create cracks in the relationship that may not easily be fixed.


The time spent together and the meaning behind that time spent together also seems to decrease. You see each other less frequently or when you do, you do not have fun as much as you used to. There are now other things that are placed on top of this very important person and the urgency to please the other person will diminish as well.


What used to be cute can now be considered pet peeves. What you didn’t mind then is now being highlighted, causing conflicts where there used to be none.


Remember that at the center of a growing relationship is love. Falling in love is something that you should feel with both heart and mind every single day. Love that comes from the heart can be expressed in many different ways. What the heart feels is ultimately what will show. The heart has been a sign synonymous to love which is why heart wedding favors are growing increasingly popular. And with the love that comes from the heart, the relationship has to be nurtured every day.

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